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Green living ideas-save the Earth, save lives

Green living made us to live a healthy life. Save money and the environment. This is needed for green living to save the planet from global warming. It is our responsibility to save the planet, save the Earth in our hands. But I don't know what mind the follow-up to live green. There are a few ideas for follow-up to green living. Key ideas for green living to reduce the dust that we can ignore from our House. Now, many companies are taking many steps to reduce that package. This is a good idea to follow up to green living. Other ideas we should follow is to containerised products that perishable. This is a good way to use this product. If we don't meet any required with at least we give to others in need. The Recycle Bin is also one of the best ideas for green living.
Other great ideas for green living
1. first love for planet Earth is one of the main ideas for green living. Using organic products and cosmetics are also the main ideas for green living. Use hormone free dairy prod…